A far-way friends page devoted to sharing delicious experiences!

This site is a repository of recipes that we have eaten, loved, and wanted to keep and share into posterity, lest they go missing or we forget about them. It’s where we send the tasty things we don’t want to lose to our far-away friends to also try them!

So this can be our back up copies (I have spilled so many things on my paper recipes and cookbooks), but also sharing food across distances! Knowing what exactly it was Kumazawa-sensei used for those inari-zushi.  Also, DOODE, This zucchini bread is delicious!  I tried it so trust me!

To the left, find links!  At the top, a search function if you know what you’re looking for!  If you too are one of us, contact Fuuma and let her know you want in on this, and she’ll add you as a contributor.  The more the merrier!

Happy cooking and eating!