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Ganache is made by melting chocolate and adding cream.  That is all.  Because of the few ingredients, when making ganache you want a good quality chocolate, or else it will taste like poor quality ganache, ruining it’s ganache-y goodness. Hershey’s, FYI, is very poor quality chocolate (I’m not even sure it IS real chocolate).  Giardelli is a nice source of good chocolate at an affordable price.

The RATIO! 8 oz milk or semi-sweet chocolate and 1 cup cream.  If you try to make this with white chocolate you need barely any cream at all.  Like, several table spoons or else it won’t set back up (for some reason, I don’t know why). This yields plenty for even your cake frosting needs. if you want it thicker or thinner feel free to adjust the cream amount to your desire.  more cream = thinner, FYI.

If you want to do it all fancy and proper, you chop the chocolate into small pieces.  Then gently heat the cream (so as to not scald) and pour it over the chopped chocolate.  Stir to mix!

For the regular people who want awesome-ness in five minutes or less, mix you things in a cup and nuke the mixture (that means microwave, for people from other areas of the country than me) 30 seconds at a time at half power.  Stir, repeat.  It should take less than 2 minutes total nuking for the chocolate to melt and incorporate with the cream.

TA DA!  You’re done.  Then use the ganache for a multitude of fancy looking and FUCKING DELICIOUS uses.  First, pour over cake as a glossy, more delicious frosting. If you make a double chocolate cake (devils’ food or other rich one with chocolate chips in it) then cover or soak with a thin ganache, you have a triple chocolate heaven cake that they serve in many restaurants.  Dip cookies in it, for a heart attack style deliciousness. Dip pineapple, strawberries, and other lovely fruits in it, for a more reasonable dipping deliciousness. Pull a Kiki and cover peanut brittle with it.   It will set up semi-firm, so you can also use it to dip pretzels or rum balls or other confections.