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I have made these forever, and I honestly eat them as a meal, though they also can be a meaty vegetable side. They’re cheap and easy and still good, mostly vegetable-ness is what I find appealing.


  • Sausage! Nearly any kind works, sliced kielbasa is the classic but I also go for jimmy dean sage or even brauts.  Half of a package of all of the above is plenty.
  • 1 big bag (16 oz or so) of frozen Green Beans!
  • Salt and Pepper! To taste

It works best if you thaw the green beans by shifting them from freezer to fridge 6-8 hours in advance, but I usually do this as an impulse and don’t bother. When you’re ready to cook, sautee the sausage in a small amount of oil (enough that they don’t stick, to coat the bottom of the pan.  about 1-2 tbsp) till cooked on medium heat. If you’re working with still-frozen green beans, pile them on top and cover till they’re thawed.  Otherwise, add green beans once the sausage is nearly cooked through and turn up to high heat (no lid).   Stir every now and again so they don’t burn, but you’re kind going for strong browning on your green beans.  Not all of them, but a nice segment.  Stop cooking if they start to get soggy looking.  Salt and pepper to taste, then eat!  It makes 4 large servings as a side and 2 nice platefuls if the main dish.  If you want to make it super extra meaty goodness, you sprinkle bouillon granules instead of salt. You will still want a nice pepper to this.   You can fancy it up a little by browning an onion with the sausage.