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So, I developed an amazing super-fast recipe during lunch today.  I hope it brings you joy, and more time to wash dishes during your lunchbreak!

2 tablespoons thai peanut sauce
1 leaf kale, washed
2 eggs
1 tablespoon pumpkin puree (or any other mashed/pureed substance you want to add)
1 bowl of leftover rice (or fresh, if you have time).

Heat small pan on medium heat.
While waiting, chop kale into thin slices and scramble eggs in bowl.  Have sauce and puree within arms reach and ready.
Put kale in pan first (use a tiny bit of oil if the pan is not nonstick/cast iron).
Wait until you hear the kale begin to sizzle slightly and then add the eggs!
Keep the eggs moving as they cook, so they become crumbly and delicious.
After 30 seconds of cooking, add the puree, then half the sauce, mix violently so the flavors can combine.

Once eggs are cooked to perfection, remove entire pan from heat and serve over heated rice.  Put second half of sauce over top of the mixture.
Feast on your fast, filling, healthy food.