So, frozen turkey, from time to time, is quite a lot cheaper than chicken. And Seish LOVES turkey.  But then you end up with pounds and pounds of turkey and no idea what to make with it.  So we started making this recipe.  Actually, Seish did, because it’s easy to remember, easy to make and fool proof.  Also, lazy. It’s as lazy as you want it to be.

If you want this, but you don’t have a half-eaten turkey lying about the house, your probably better off just buying some chicken instead.  It’s also good that way, and dark meat chicken works good and is cheap cheap. You can use whole-meat or ground meat or old meat or canned meat!

Then you buy a seasoning packet for “white chicken chili.” It’s in the aisle with the gravy packets and taco seasonings and beef stew pouches and stuff.  Also get some great northern beans.  For cost effectiveness and a lot of volume, starting with dried is good (you will need two or three packets of seasoning if you intend to cook the full pound of beans).  For fast and lazy, you can pick up a can of pre-cooked great northerns (one can per packet of seasoning).

THEN! Cook beans and add meat! Add seasoning! If you’re feeling fancy, adding a sauteed yellow or orange bell pepper is awesome too.  If you went with dried beans, you will need to add more salt (canned beans are already salted, but beans NEED SALT or else they taste like crap).