I am posting this mostly as a way to convince Guns and maybe others to try out yogurt on stuff that I have been living on since having to cope with gastroparesis, and hey maybe someone out there also has gastroparesis. Frirstly, I find brand and type is SUPER important.

So first, FUCK NONFAT YOGURT. You can’t even buy non-reduced-fat yogurt, but just don’t even with nonfat. It’s bitter and gross, has weird binders in it, and no good. I’m also VERY partial to the Greek Gods greek yogurt in a white and green label. It’s very smooth,not tangy, and sits well in hate-guts. There is just not enough fat in the ALREADY LOWFAT versions fo it to bother gastroparesis (I also have my gallbladder out so can’t digest fats well at all). But yeah, it doesn’t kill the hate-guts, has a good nutritive value and best of all, I use it to make more stomach-busting things creamy and sit easier.

For example: Totinos pizzas are around $1 and a good sized meal. But if you take a hot one out of the oven, cover with a thin (or thick, preference wise) layer of greek yogurt, then some cut up olives, it is SUPER TASTY, very inexpensive, very fast and simple, and I usually won’t throw it up. Hamburger, Supreme varieties are my fav for this.

Also, potatoes chunks tossed in yogurt sauce with cumin, curry powder, lemon juice, etc (the sauce from the chicken recipe in previous post) is FANTASTIC.

Greek Yogurt on toast or bagels is also an excellent way to enjoy breakfast breads without adding much fat or eating a lot of sugar at once. For the fast easy and tasty and a little different.